Cardemy consortium is composed by five partners, presented below.
Aitiip Technology Centre (Spain), coordinator and expert in R+D and automatization of production processes and robotics. Aitiip is also involved in different training projects.
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The Automotive Cluster of Aragon (CAAR) is a Spanish cluster-type association that is mainly devoted to encourage companies in the automotive sector of Aragon to cooperate and collaborate in projects and foster human capital in the automotive sector in Aragon as well as to promote the use of new technologies.
Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster (MAK) was established to increase competitiveness and to encourage innovation and export capacity of interconnected companies, entrepreneurs and institutions in the Czech region of Moravia-Silesia.
Intercultural Consultancy and Studies (INCCAS), is a German organization that works in training and cooperation develop and conduct E-learning and Blended Learning programs.
Mecanic Vallée (MV), a French cluster of manufacturers, federates an interregional network of prime manufacturers and subcontractors in the mechanical sector, including automotive.